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This client presented with a severe fear of flying had previously been unable to fly without being inebriated.

"Hi Sally,
So sorry I keep meaning to contact you, just a lot on at the minute.
It was great thank you so much, i only had once glass of wine wasn’t anxious or freaking out really enjoyed it for the first time!
Am so grateful didn’t think I would ever be able to do it sober LOL
I honestly highly recommend you! I have told my step mum Aunts the lot!"
Date of Posting: 08 November 2017
Posted By: LA (Fear of Flying)
I started seeing Sally after suffering from major panic/anxiety attacks. Seeing a therapist of any sort was so outside of my comfort zone that it was a challenge in itself to arrange an initial appt. Sally put me at ease straight away though so I needn't have worried. Her explanation of why I was suddenly suffering in this particular way really helped me to understand that this was something I could control, and that my worries about the condition being long term were unfounded. The techniques Sally showed to me have really helped me to feel confident in facing situations and environments that were provoking real anxiety and panic. All this in just a few sessions. I would recommend Sally to anyone looking for an intervention to help them overcome whatever challenges they are facing.
Date of Posting: 09 October 2017
Posted By: SN (Anxiety & Panic Attacks)
Great Oakley
Thank you so much for what you've done for me. When I started my sessions with you I was very anxious about going to school (I had, had weeks off) and I was nervous at home, worried going to bed, around my friends and I didn't have any confidence. Your sessions changed all of this, you were always patient, kind and friendly and you've made my life a lot happier. I still use all the things you taught me and still listen to the audio every night.

I would definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again.

PS. My Mum, Dad and my extended family say Thank you so much.

IP age 13
Anxiety & Panic attacks
Date of Posting: 05 July 2017
Posted By: IP (Anxiety & Panic Attacks)
When we went to see Sally my son had been suffering from facial and shoulder twitching for about 18 months and it was really starting to get him down. These things are easy to dismiss as children "will grow out of them" but it was starting to affect his confidence in a chicken and egg like way. Sally was immediately reassuring and practical and put us both at ease. She worked with my son to develop his confidence and coping mechanisms for when things aren't perfect and don't go as planned. She brought his sparkle back because as well as being professional and soothing she was fun! We initially agreed on 10 sessions which turned out to be spot on. Totally realistic Sally said from the outset that the end result might not be a complete cure but as his confidence came back the twitching completely vanished which was wonderful. He also now feels confident that he could beat it again if it did resurface and if not, he is reassured by the thought of going to see Sally again "as she'll have loads of other ideas to try". I would not hesitate to recommend Sally to anyone. Thank you!
Date of Posting: 05 January 2017
Posted By: KW
Market Harborough
I went to see Sally as I was suffering from anxiety which caused nausea. The sessions with Sally helped so much as she gave me confidence to believe in myself. I found her very patient and undstandingf and it couldnt have been easy at times but she shared my highs and lows which was rewarding to me and she made me feel important. I feel after my session with Sally that I am now able to go out and do things again which I had stopped doing. I would recommend Sally to anyone having problems as she really does help. Thanks Sally for helping me.
Date of Posting: 23 October 2016
Posted By: MK (Anxiety)

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Before my therapy with Sally I had little self esteem and was depressed I didn't believe in myself much at all and I was in denial about it to many friends and family. I was unsure at first about opening up to Sally as she was a stranger but she very soon made me feel comfortable to speak my...

Peter (Depression & Self-Esteem)
Aug 26, 2015


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